Selective security (+Lost Apps)

While I'm still trying to figure out how to recover my lost apps, - see "Screen Lock/Unlock" - I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on a related security question.

Not about lose-your-phone and all your info security, but about everyday closer-to-home security.

Say you pass your new toy around to show some pics or video, or whatever, and now it's passed again, and now it's in the back seat, and inquiring minds want to know. But, even though you are not a candidate for the witness protection program, there are some things that everyone doesn't need to know.

Specifically, might not email, messages, contacts, and er, certain photos, for instance, be made accessible by PW or gesture only while all else could remain easy to get at by anyone's random finger jab. There are millions of innocent examples of fleeting, accidental glimpses which could cause immediate real pain - social, business, funky, whatever.

I'm just a week into this, but this need seems to me a complete no-brainer. And yet search reveals only one thread in these forums which led to a couple of "selective security" apps which appBrain said had worse side effects than Olestra.

Isn't this security feature so important that it should be part of the OS, nevermind a poorly behaved app? Is it? Have I missed something? Am I alone in this thinking?

Any thoughts on this? Effective solutions? Thanks.

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