Fleeing the sinking webOS ship

Hey all,

As most of you no doubt know, HP has basically given up on webOS. As a webOS user from launch week (Still using my launch week Sprint Pre 1 and it's in fair condition too!) I'm feeling betrayed, angry and hurt. I've invested alot both financially and emotionally into the webOS platform and it's just been murdered in front of my eyes.

I'm working through that pain, but since I've been holding on to an ever-aging phone and have had a massive upgrade discount sitting out there waiting for the Pre3 that never appeared, I'm looking to move on to something supported. As a Sprint customer my only choices are Android, BB, or dumb phone.

Since I'm not about to hitch my wagon to yet another dying platform, BB is out. I'm not really sure I want to just give up on smartphones altogether, so I'm thinking Android. but I have a few questions, and hopefully you all can help me out.

1. Recommended Sprint phone choices? I am leaning towards the HTC Evo 3D, but I really love physical keyboards (NOT a fan of virtual keyboards at all) so I'm not really sure about the 3D. Maybe the Evo with the slider? Not sure. Hopefully you all can make some good recommendations.

2. Transitioning from webOS to Android. I know there are a few of you that have done it already, hopefully you can help me avoid some pitfalls.
a. Is there an Android equivalent to webOS Synergy?
b. Moving data/contacts etc. How easy was the actual transition?
c. UI options. I've heard the "Sense" UI is good, but that some of the homebrew ones are even better. Suggestions?
d. Anything else you can suggest to make it easier.

Obviously there are those that will blindly cling to the idea of webOS being licensed out to some handset maker, but I'm done waiting and hoping. It's time to move on. Please help me make the transition with as little pain as possible, I can't handle any more phone-related emotional trauma.

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