To any former webOS user: Help!

Hello there, I am currently a webOS user and huge fanboy of the webOS platform. I'm currently writing an English paper on why I believe webOS for all its features, applications aside, is the best operating system for true multitasking and most functional for everyday mobile technology users. I've recently got a friend to let me barrow their Android phone to aid my research and found the idea of personalization at the home screen to be very functional but, the lack of gestures kept me biased on webOS the whole time. It's not that I can't let go of webOS, its just that after the extensive period of time using the same device (2 yrs.) the gestures have become so imbedded into my muscle memory that anything else feels awkward and rather unnecessary (for example closing an app or switching between tasks). That being said, the uncertainty and lack of hardware on webOS have made me realize that it is now time for a change. I'm a Sprint customer and have yet to decide which rout to go between iOS and Android. So not only could you help me with my paper but also help me decide what platform to choose. Anyway, here are some questions that I would appreciate you answering.

Is there anything you miss about webOS? Could you see yourself ever going back?

What do you love about Android compared to webOS? What do you dislikes?

What do think are the pros and cons of the Android operating system?

Do you feel Android is the best operating system currently in the market?

Well there you have them. Sorry I rambled a little and thanks for your time.

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