Should I take the leap into Android?(with a new carrier?)

OK, I've been stumbling around the forums occasionally. I'll try to be clear about why I'm posting and then hopefully 2 things will happen
1)The mods will see this and relocate it to the best place where I'll get the most input, and then
2) you people will help me out with a "Yes" or "No" and the reasons why....

OK, so I'm with Virgin Mobile Canada. Runs off Bell/Telus towers. I mostly love them... except for one thing that has become an increasing irritation. They've been promising HSPA+ as "coming soon" in my province for over 2 years now. From the info I can gather on the web, it appears that I won't have HSPA+ in my area until summer 2012 at the very earlist, so in "real world terms" that would more likely be fall/winter 2012 if not even later.

So I'm considering jumping ship early. I'd have to pay out the remainder of my contract which means I'm kinda limited as to how much I can spend to jump into a new device and carrier. (contract is up end of April 2012)

Then I came across this on Roger's site. Normally I don't like Rogers (heard lots of bad things, but then again you can hear lots of bad things about any carrier!) but I think this would give me a chance to

1) try out Rogers as a customer (network, customer care, etc)
2) try out Android (only been a BB/dumbphone user up to this point, not really interested in iOS)

so here's the link. For you Americans, yes its in candadian dollars. And most carriers lock us in to 3 year contracts, so thats why the 1 year thing seems so good... even though the phone isn't the newest.

Get the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a for just $25.50 on select 1-year plans! - Rogers

So, if you think this is a good idea, say why. Or if not... again, say why.

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