Syncing Google Chrome's new data with old sync data

I have the Google Chrome app pre-installed, I used it a lot, I had enabled sync with my google account and everything was working pretty fine, for some (dumb) reason I "unninstalled" (reset to factory version, unninstalling updates and deactivating it) it and cleared the data, now I have opened it (after reactivation) again and forgot to turn on sync on the first, maybe because I thought I was just going to use it for a few researching, not much thing, nothing more but then I started to use it normally, with sync off, after some time I got +100 open tabs "" and +1000 bookmarks and I don't know what to do, I have fear of turning sync on and losing all my Google Chrome's old data, my chrome's version still is on its factory version and I have fear of updating it, I have been thinking in trying to backup its data with helium (app data backup application) and then trying something but helium says it don't work pretty well with Chrome, so I still have fear of it as well.
Also, I am wondering about sync because one day i lost all my open tabs (gladly didn't lost my bookmarks or history but opening every single page again from history is something that I couldn't do) and now I have a lot of open tabs again... Chrome can any time when I'm opening it's app (it takes some time to "load" the pages) crash or stop working and then goodbye all +100 tabs AGAIN.
So I just got in a situation where all I can do is nothing, except trying to open up each open tab, bookmark and saving them in some list.
So I come here to ask about it (since it's pretty related to Android) if I turn on sync again and it start syncing, all my opened tabs and bookmarks from the sync will be synchronized with my actual opened tabs and bookmarks or everything gonna be "overwritten"?

Android 6.0.1
Chrome preinstalled version 50.0 (I don't know if this can be some useful information but I'll let it here, if it helps)

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