Looking for a specific mobile font to use on my computer. [LG Smartworld Free Font]

I've never before rooted my phone not only because I don't want to, but also because I have notoriously clumsy, fumbly hands. I feel like if I tried anything, I'd mess up severely and I don't just have the money to go and get a new phone.

That being said, there's this specific font that I want access to on my computer and, being blunt about it, it's been driving me up the wall. I've been trying to find downloads of TYPEMemory (a free font from the LG Smartworld mobile store). I'm surprised about it not having any downloads out there - it's a very pleasant font to look at and is free.

Not only do I want this font (an apk, ttf, or otf is okay, I don't mind any of them), but I also kind of want to know if there's a reason for this? Is it because getting fonts off of a phone is difficult? Is there some sort of unspoken of policy in reference to free mobile fonts? The font is free, so inquiring about it anywhere technically doesn't make it piracy, right? It just makes it asking about a font that you normally can't use on your computer. And considering it's free and everything, it isn't piracy because you aren't 'stealing' from anyone when you download it. I mean, I already have it on my phone, from SmartWorld.

If you can help me out, I'll really appreciate it! ...And yes, I did make this my first post on this forum. I'm that dedicated to my font collection.

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