[Q] what droid to buy? its costing me nothing :):)

hi all.

well, after a long time debating with vodafail (my phone company) in reguards to reception issues that i am having, they have decided to give, yes give me another phone.

basically, the story is this.

i started on three, with a N97 (worst mistake i ever made) then, switched to voda under the belief that all me reception dramas would be gone, and that my n97 supports all the network bands voda uses, and i will for a long time. fast forward a few months with constant reception problems and, then voda told me that the n97 doesn't support their networks etc... so they gave me a HTC Desire HD (how very nice). and told me that it supported all their networks, and the new ones they were rolling out.... well, that was a lie. and im still having problems, even after i have rooted it, and upgraded the radios, i call htc to ask if the aus version of the dhd made for vodafone, supports the 8503g network (their current rollout) and they said no. so i rang voda up again, and after much debate, this is where i am...

at another free phone.

so, i need some help with the selection of it. below is a list of manufactures that vodafone stock and sell, and basically i want to know either the best sideways or upgrade move there is from the dhd, out of the list of supported manufactures.

the list is thus:
Apple (not keen on an iphone at all)
Nokia (not keen on Nokia after that N97 P.O.S)
Sony Ericson
BlackBerry (dont realy like the look, but am open to looking)
Alcatel (never heard of them)

i would ike a galaxy s2 but apparently there is some issues with the screen or something (unless thats been rectified)

and the only pre-requisit over the dhd i would like, is a better day-time viewing screen. the dhd is a pain to read outside. but thats not a necessity.

so, there it is. any phone is available to me for free, so whats the best.



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