Question about tasker scenes and changes reverting

So I got tasker up and running and have set up a small scene for when I plug my headphones in. It pops up a small screen asking what I'm doing, and I can either click do nothing (does just that), play music (sets volume levels and starts music), or car mode, which sets volume levels/wifi/blutooth/gps sensors and starts my ecu communication app (torque).

The only problem is, like any good computer science student, I know to unload something when done with it, and I unload the scene. This has the wonderfull effect reverting everything that little menu did back to it's previous state. I've come up with a few possible solutions, but have some gripes with each of them (see below). My question is though, is there any way to make those system changes static, so that when I unload the menu, it doesn't revert it's changes?

Solution 1 - Do not unload the menu, just hide it and have the profile that activates when I unplug my headphones unload it.

Problem - This leaves it in memory. Not the largest chunk of wasted space ever, but still less than desirable. Looks better to me than solution 2 though.


Solution 2 - Have the button set a variable which when active starts another profile to do all those things

Problem - That just creates 1 (or more) extra profiles that I assume tasker is constantly monitoring the status of. That's wasted cpu cycles right there.


Solution 3 - Somehow make the changes persistent, so that they do not revert when the scene is unloaded.

Problem - I'm not sure if it's possible to do this. Help would be appreciated, thank you!

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