Error Syncing Cm 10.2 sources

Fetching projects: 99% (407/411) Fetching project platform/developers/docs
error: Cannot fetch androidarmv6/android_kernel_goldfish
warn: --force-broken, continuing to sync
Fetching projects: 100% (411/411), done.
Syncing work tree: 69% (284/411) error: revision cm-10.1_2.6.29 in androidarmv6/android_kernel_goldfish not found

A week ago, i had my sources downloaded(for my device galaxy mini) and compiled a build. Today i tried updating my sources and did "repo sync". Everything seems to work until the above, syncing source stops there. I looked in androidarmv6 github, it doesn't have "android_kernel_goldfish" repsitory. How can i skip that repository conflicting with syncing work tree.

My roomservice.xml is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="androidarmv6/android_kernel_goldfish" path="kernel/goldfish" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1_2.6.29" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_device_samsung_tass" path="device/samsung/tass" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_kernel_samsung_msm" path="kernel/samsung/msm" remote="github" revision="jb_chocolate-samsung" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_kernel_samsung_msm7x27" path="kernel/samsung/msm7x27" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_device_qcom_msm7x27" path="device/qcom/msm7x27" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_device_samsung_msm7x27-common" path="device/samsung/msm7x27-common" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_vendor_samsung" path="vendor/samsung" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_vendor_qcom_msm7x27" path="vendor/qcom/msm7x27" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_hardware_atheros_ath6kl-compat" path="hardware/atheros/ath6kl-compat" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_hardware_atheros_wifi_libs" path="hardware/atheros/wifi/libs" remote="github" />
<project name="androidarmv6/android_hardware_broadcom_fmradio" path="hardware/broadcom/fmradio" remote="github" />

I deleted that goldfish kernel line, it again producing errors below

Syncing work tree: 99% (406/410) Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/venkatesh/armv6/.repo/repo/", line 418, in <module>
File "/home/venkatesh/armv6/.repo/repo/", line 394, in _Main
result = repo._Run(argv) or 0
File "/home/venkatesh/armv6/.repo/repo/", line 142, in _Run
result = cmd.Execute(copts, cargs)
File "/home/venkatesh/armv6/.repo/repo/subcmds/", line 657, in Execute
File "/home/venkatesh/armv6/.repo/repo/", line 1106, in Sync_LocalHalf
lost = self._revlist(not_rev(revid), HEAD)
File "/home/venkatesh/armv6/.repo/repo/", line 2074, in _revlist
return self.work_git.rev_list(*a, **kw)
File "/home/venkatesh/armv6/.repo/repo/", line 2227, in rev_list
error.GitError: CyanogenMod/android_vendor_qcom_opensource_v8 rev-list ('^ed6baff3b8971fe968a30c0c7dc631be1f31fd5c', 'HEAD', '--'): fatal: bad object HEAD

Please help me to solve the issue...

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