[Q] known issues from Xperia devices based on JB4.1.2 ...100

here we are going to discus about known issues from Xperia 2012 devices based on JB4.1.2 ...100 (like mine ST27i)

knowing that Xperia 2012 series is not supposed to get 4.2+ update soon ,i ll ask you to be kind enough to consider this post and report the bugs you got on your devices

i myself has discovered two battery and cpu hunger processes and have disused it by dear user dagger
hope it help
pardon bad english im not in mood today b/coz of catching cold ...

Originally Posted by ahmad990
i am used to engage with DOWNLOADMANAGER service running in background taking pretty cpu and battery on both my phones this happens on boot or right after managing files(rename cut paste etc...)
it keeps running for even hours till phone gets warm!
whats the relationship or any interactions between file managing and DOWNLOADMANAGER while being offline (no downloads going on)? dose the process trigger the media scanning or vise versa? ?
my phones both rooted:Xperia mini GB and Xperia go JB
my cpu monitoring app is usage-timeline
excuse my bad English

Originally Posted by dagger
That's a well known bug with android 4.2 and 4.1.
That process is related with the download manager service. Freezing the download manager service will do the trick but you can't download anything from the play store afterwards..
AFAIK that bug is fixed in antis 4.3..

Originally Posted by ahmad990
Really is this a known bug ?
I havent seen it reported yet
I did send you a private message with no response
Thank you just the same

Originally Posted by dagger
yes i have encountered this bug when i was on android 4.2.
and now i am on android 4.3 and i don't gave any such issue..

Originally Posted by ahmad990
Oh so you mean nomore battery & cpu eating apps like Downloadmanager or such? Unbelievable! I wish could migrate 4.2 but still no official release for mine (st27i)!
How do you monitor your cpu's timeline?
look ,I recently have(had!) issue with AudioEffectService that similarly was used to keep on top of cpu consuming processes and even being forceStop-proof! then i finally got to delete it permanently !
As i tested on walkman player no change in sound quallity and but:
Whats the functionality of that?and what if i wont reinstall it back?

Originally Posted by dagger
if you upgrade to 4.3 there are no such issues..
also i use wakelock detector to monitor the wake locks and cpu consumption..
also i have no clue about the audio effect service..
maybe it's something like dsp manager or some sort of equaliser or something.. [/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by ahmad990
i ough to say :its not ,check this out:

these two processes are DownloadManager and AudioEffectsService
there was some more one that were used to draw less cpu and myself uninstalled them eg: DrmDialogues and EcoModController...

here is two screenshots (by Wakelock-detector & usage-timeline )

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