[Q] galaxy s4 slow to start charging and will not connect to computer

I have searched all the threads I can find and can't find an answer so please forgive me if this is a common problem.

To make a long story short I had to replace my LCD and then the digitizer stopped working. I did a factory reset which solved the problem but then when I tried to install my backup I messed everything up and nothing was working. I could no longer connect any computer to my phone using several different USB cables. All my google services were not working along with my proximity sensor and light sensor.

I was able to get a fenny rooted stock rom to install using Mobile Odin Pro and I seem to have most of everything working again except the USB port.

I was unable to connect to a computer or charge. After trying everything I could find online including factory resets, *#0808# settings, USB debugging mode, I broke down and ordered a new USB port which I installed into my phone and I am having the same problem with the new port installed.

When I plug my phone into the charger it does nothing however if I turn the screen off and wait about 3 to 5 minutes the LCD will light up and indicate that it is charging and then the phone takes a charge. If I use the phone while it is plugged in it will never indicate that it is charging, I have to power the screen off for several minutes. I have tried a second known good battery and I have the same issue. I have tried two separate factory chargers which both work fine on my wife's S4 and neither work properly with my phone.

When I plug it into my computer I do not get the normal message to select MTP or camera. using the settings recommended on *#0808# of USB of AP and USB Settings of MTP + ADB.

If I use *#0808# and select CP under the USB tab and then plug the phone into my computer I hear my computer instantly make the sound it usually makes when you plug a usb device in but nothing else happens. This same computer works fine with my wife's other Galaxy S4 and I have tried this on three separate computers with the same result so I don't think it is a computer or usb cable issue.

Is there a way that I somehow deleted drivers or a file on my phone that controls the USB port? I am unable to attach screenshots on this post for some reason so below is what my about phone screen shows. Is it possible I have the wrong kernel or radio installed that could be causing this issue?

Model Number
Android Version
Baseband Version
Kernel Version
Tue Mar 25 18:18:23 MDT 2014
Build Number
SE for Android Status
Secure boot status
Type: Samsung
Security Software Version
MDF v1.0 Release 2

When I dial *#0808# this is what I see

() CP
(*) AP (I selected AP)

(*) MTP (this is currently selected)
() MTP + ADB (I have tried this setting also and it did not work)
() PTP
() PTP + ADB


I would really appreciate any help someone can give me. Thank you in advance. If anyone is local to Rhode Island and willing to help me out in person I would be willing to pay you for your time, I just want to get this to work as I use my phone for work and need to be able to transfer files to my computer.

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