Quadro T-D7048BV tablet - custom ROM?


I have flashed custom ROMs on my HTC Desire, my HTC One, Samsung Galaxy ACE, ... But all of them had plenty of resources...
I've got this tablet (it came free with a TV) and I can't find any info on it anywhere.
It's extremely sluggish and bloated (there's three system browsers - Android Browser, Chrome and Opera ) so I was thinking I'd find a vanilla ROM or a better ROM, but I can't find any info and I don't know how I would go about flashing since I can't find a ROM designed for this particular device, nor can I find a recovery for this specific device. Can I use resources from other devices (which? what to look for?)?
I'd even give building AOSP source code a try if that's neccesary since I'm a programmer and that would come with the benefit of actually modifying Android code to suit my needs like for instance deleting parts of code pertaining to GSM functionality since it's not a GSM tablet and every CPU tick counts
I am not, however, familiar with the exact hardware so stuff like drivers, kernels, etc... are uncharted territory for me and, even though it cost me less than bubble gum and the device itself is really not something that would be a shame if I bricked it, I still would like to not brick it since I already have the thing and it could be convinient every now and then, but not enough for me to actually pay for a better tablet
Note: I'm not actually looking to build AOSP from source, that's only a last resort since it's not a simple app, it's a whole lot of magic there Just saying that that's a last resort possibility.

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