[GUIDE] How to root 2015 Philips Android TV


* Comment applicable for TV's with QV15.1E chassis:

Below guide does not apply for firmwares QV151E_R0.5.38.41, QV151E_R0.5.38.52 because root can be obtained directly under user 0 using KingRoot on them.
Here you are download links for both firmwares:
1. (Use utility for easy download)
2. (Use utility for easy download)
Below guide also does not apply for QV151E_R0.5.38.55 and up, because TP Vision applied necessary android security patches to avoid root...
Upgrade/Downgrade above mentioned firmware via Android system recovery <3e> menu

Good news!!! Now we can get full root access on some ABD enabled 2015 Philips Android TV's


1. PC/Mac/Linux computer on the same WiFi / Ethernet network as your TV with functional Android Device Bridge (ADB).
2. Working TeamViewer on above mentioned computer.
3. Familiarity with side-loading APK's using ES File Explorer from USB storage and/or v from Google Play or similar.
4. Readiness and excitement to get your 2015 Philips Android TV to the next level


1. Install Terminal Emulator app from Google Play using computer or other device.
2. Execute in Terminal Emulator following command: am start --user 0 com.android.settings/.DevelopmentSettings
3. Enable "Developer options" and enable "USB debugging" in the popped-up window.
4. Install Android Debug Bridge utility (ADB) on the PC preferably at root folder C:\ADB for easy use.
5. Run the ADB utility on PC. PC must be on the same network as TV. Make sure adb.exe is not blacklisted in your firewall rules.
It is better to connect both PC and TV via ethernet cable to the same router instead of WiFi.
6. Execute following shell command: adb start-server
7. Execute another shell command: adb connect (IP of your TV)
8. Execute shell command upon successful connection: adb shell
9. Create new user under shell by performing following command: pm create-user FREE (any name)
10. Note or remember what number was assigned with newly created user. Should be user 10.
11. Switch to the new user profile executing shell command: am switch-user 10 (the number assigned to the profile above)


12. Execute shell command to enter security settings of newly create user 10:
am start --user 10 com.android.settings/.SecuritySettings
13. Enable installation from unknown sources using slider in the menu.
14. Install rooting app KingRoot v4.8.0 (update to v4.8.1 later within app) under "User 10" and apply root. Navigate through app from PC via QuickSupport TeamViewer application because remote control does not work in it.
15. Exit KingRoot app and execute it again. This time KingRoot will deploy as system application. It can take few more attempts for KingRoot to deploy as system app so be patient. Note: TV may restart itself when root privileges are granted.
16. Install app Root Explorer v3.3.8. Use its re-mounting function by pressing R/W button to gain full read/write access to all files. Install also app Purify v1.2.0.120 which will help us!
17. Edit following XML file: /data/system/users/0/package-restrictions.xml using built in "Text Editor" under Root Explorer.
18. Remove line related to Root Explorer <pkg name="com.speedsoftware.rootexplorer" stopped="true" /> also lines <pkg name="com.kingstudio.purify"> plus <pkg name="com.kingouser.com"> and save file. This will allow Root Explorer and Purify to run under "User 0".


19. Switch from "User 10" to "User 0" executing ADB command: am switch-user 0 . If you've at this point lost access and can not perform switch via ADB install app adbWireless v1.5.4 from USB stick, allow root access and re-enable ADB. It also works via Ethernet cable. If you are still not rooted and end up in "User 10 trap" focus on getting root privileges. Uninstall + re-install KingRoot + switch to user 0.
20. Restart the TV by unplugging / re-plugging power cord.
21. Re-run KingRoot under "User 0" so it can fully deploy as system app. If you do not see the KingRoot app listed anywhere press gear button on remote and go to Setup/General Settings/Android settings/Device/Apps/System apps and open it from there. Afterwards the KingRoot app will be listed among other sideloaded apps.


22. Install app Settings Database Editor v2016.01.26 from Google Play from your PC, run it, grant root privileges when prompt and edit value "install_non_market_apps" under secure tab from "0" to "1". Alternatively set root privileges to it via ADB by running ADB command: pm grant by4a.setedit android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
23. Edit 0.xml located in /data/system/users/ under line <restrictions no_install_unknown_sources="true" /> and change value "true" to "false" using text editor within Root Explorer.
24. Disable "Google Play Services" and "Google Play Store" apps under Auto-start tab in KingRoot app. Alternatively run app Purify v1.2.0.120 and set "Google Play Services" and "Google Play Store" apps to Auto-kill+Block Start under Purify Apps tab. Other words make sure "Google Play Services" and "Google Play Store" are not on whitelist.
25. Restart the TV by unplugging / re-plugging power cord.
26. Enjoy the root and install any APK under "User 0" you like. . Installation of apps via ADB will also work from here. "User 10" may be deleted at this point using ADB command: pm remove-user 10
27. Attention: If you (or Android system) open "Google Play Services" and/or "Google Play Store" apps than installation of apps from unknown sources will be disabled so go back and start from point 23...


1. Find attached below all needed APK's that worked for me. (Except ES File Explorer - no more quota)
2. If wanted you can install BusyBox Installer v1.4 and select BusyBox version v1.20.
3. Launcher that I use in the screenshot picture is TV Launcher v3.0.20. Below is attached APK for it. No root required for this launcher, however uninstall Leanback Launcher updates under system apps otherwise you'll be not able to select "Home App" yourself...
4. I've changed resolution of the UI from 1080p to 1440p. Looks great and so far no issues with it. 2160p does not work steadily (not supported in Lollipop)... Use ADB shell command: wm size 2560x1440 ... To go back use ADB shell command: wm size reset
5. Great app called Root Booster can be found
6. You can replace KingRoot with SuperSU following guide. It worked on my 49PUS7150/12, but TV restarted around 3 times. I've used the tool v2.4...
7. You can make your life much easier with
Let us know the tricks you tried.


1. Install apps requiring root access
2. Make TV more reliable and faster by deleting obsolete system apps (even preinstalled ones)
3. Improve boot time and increase TV responsiveness by removing bloatware
4. Manage processor and Android system performance
5. Install a better web browser
6. Use an iphone/ipad/mac based airmouse/remote mouse in this browser
7. Tweak and test 4K posiblities
1. Potential loss of warranty if not un-rooted before hard brick...

H. GUIDE IS FULLY TESTED AND WORKING on following 2015 Philips Android TV's:

1. 49PUS7150/12 - QV151E - Version:, Date published: 2015-12-16
2. PUS7600/12
3. 49PUK7150/12
4. 55PUS7150/12
5. 55PUS7100/12
Let us know if you are successful

I. GUIDE UNFORTUNATELY DOES NOT WORK YET on following 2015 Philips Android TV's due to dm-verity safe boot enabled:

1. 5500 series
2. 50PUT6400
3. 48PUS7100/78 - error message: device '(null)' not found
4. 55PUK6400 - QM152E - Version:
Let us know if you are stuck


1. Enable mouse pointer - Enabled since March 2016 firmwares
2. Enable 4K video content from YouTube
3. Enable oscam server
Let us know your wish


1. Follow this thread:
Let us know if you experience any issues.

@, @ - Thanks for great contribution to make this guide reality !!!

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