Unidentified device?- Unreleased Nexus?!?!?

I was on the train today in london, england and I happened to see that the man sitting next to me was holding a phone that for the life of me I have been unable to identify. I know of most popular phones and brands but this one has eluded me. The man was of an oriental persuasion and was in his 20's so this may be a phone from an eastern manufacturer that no one has heard of over hear as they are a lot of oriental students in this area?. The first thing that caught my eye was that the phone was running android N 7.0 (I assume one of the developer builds) However he was not on a nexus device. Bear in mind that on the day of this post Android N 7.0 has not yet been released?. If any one can help identify this phone then please reply as this has been bugging me ever since here are all of the phone details I was able to see.
- It had a full metal body
- 2.5D glass screen between 5.5"-5.7"
- Rear mounted circular fingerprint sensor
- Cameras in the top corner of back and front (so not in the middle like a samsung or LG phone more like iphones positioning for camera)
- USB type C port
- Dual speaker grills flanking the USB C port on the bottom which were not machined into the body (like on the HTC 10) but rather had slits cut out for them and they sat slightly recessed into the frame behind a mesh
- On screen navigation keys
- Stock android 7.0 N
- It seemed to have rather apparent chamfers on the metal housing of the phone similar to the HTC 10 (but this was not the HTC 10) and given the rumors of the HTC nexus (sailfish) coming soon I found this design choice interesting?
- The phone also had antena lines in a similar place to those on the nexus 6P but this phone did not have the black visor for the camera module that the 6P has.
- I could not see a logo on the back of the phone as it had a plain black case on it which makes me think that this is unlikely to be an unreleased phone if there are cases for it? unless this is covering a logo perhaps?
And a logo on the bottom of the screen under the glass (where capacitive buttons would be) That I have tried to replicate below as it was not made from the alphabet. (the logo was a lower case t a backwards capital C and a backwards S that was broken in two halves horizontally and was in a very square and srap corner font)

This was definitely not a nexus device at least none that I know of. It could be a nexus device that has not been released as I cannot find any other devices that run stock android 7.0 as of this date and have this design? however the logo on the bottom of the screen seems to imply otherwise.
Please let me know if you have any ideas of what this phone is. thanks,

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