G-sensor support in WM6.5?

Hey guys!

I hope i post this in the right section now!

Anyway, i recently bought a Sunno S880. Problem is i cant really seem to get the g-sensor to work. Does WM6.5 support g-sensor? Cuz for me it doesnt work in any menu, not in picture gallery.. well nowhere really. Is it suposed to be like that? It kinda feels like my phone has some homemade, halfdone WM6.5. I've seen alot of phones that has that little bounce back in the menu when you come down the the end, or the top. Mine does'nt have that. When i press on the g-sensor icon in settings, all i get is a white screen with a bunch of squares in the middle. I suppose they are chinese letter which my phone cant show cuz i dont have the language installed. The only option i have in there is to press 1 button, then a window pops up saying something else in squares, and i get the options "Yes" or "No". I have tried pressing both yes and no but it doesnt do any difference.Everything else on the phone is in the correct language. Has anyone else experienced this?

My build is 28205.5.3.3 if that does any difference.

I know the g-sensor is working tho cuz i can use it in games.

I also have another question that i hope anyone wants to answer. I've been reading quite alot on the forums about costum ROMs. But what i cant quite figure out is what exactly is it that determines if a ROM work on a phone or not. Cuz, as the noob i am, i would think that as long as the resolution is correct, any WM6.5 would work on my phone, but then again, im a complete noob. So if anyone could just tell my why not all WM6.5 roms work on all phones i would be happy


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