XDA Premium Membership?

XDA should offer premium membership... What would this include?

Ads removed, no PM timer (can't send multiple PMs within 30 seconds, a bit annoying if you have a lot to answer and are short on time), no search timer.

I realize that these timers are to prevent spam and to prevent server overload as well, but the majority of users wouldn't end up upgrading to premium, however having these features accessible to those of us that are willing to pay for them would be great.

I think this would be great. I don't really know where to offer suggestions but I hope XDA considers this. It could also be a source of revenue to pay for servers.

Another feature idea I have could be "Live Topics" for premium users. What is Live topics? HTML5. Topics refresh themselves. Kindof like Google Instant works, but topics automatically show the next post seamlessly as soon as it's posted. This could take a huge toll on server if it were a global feature, but I think for a Premium user if Premium is made possible, it would be great for them and wouldn't hurt the server as bad.

I'm an HTML5 / PHP developer and I'd gladly program any of these features for free including PayPal instant integration for premium membership and dealing with VBulletin mods.

Maybe a monthly fee to be premium?

What do you think?

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