[Q] Going to T-Mobile... G2X or Sensation???

Hi Guys... I have a bit of a predicament here. I will be switching to T-Mobile soon, and I need to figure out what phone to get! Basically it boils down to the Sensation or the G2X. Both of them now officially have Gingerbread, with the G2X being stock Android.

Originally I thought that the Sensation would be the sure choice due to it having 768mb of RAM instead of 512mb and because of the qHD screen.

BUT, as I've been researching more and more, I am seeing a lot of reports on how the Sensation screen isn't that great and can look washed out, and worse yet, I see a LOT of reports that the battery life is AWFUL.

I have tried to find more information on the G2X screen but other than it being LCD and 800x480. But I don't know if this is just me, but of the videos and images I've seen of the G2X, I almost have the impression that the contrast ratio and brightness of its screen is better than the Sensation. Has anybody compared them side by side? What do you think about this?

Two other things that make me lean in the direction of the G2X would be that the Sensation has only 1GB of internal storage and the G2X has 8gb, with both having microSD. And also I believe that the Tegra 2 GPU in the G2X is quite a bit better than the Adreno 220 in the Sensation.

So I am totally stuck now and can't make up my mind I'd love to hear input from you guys, especially if you've used both phones side by side (and if you've used gingerbread on the G2X even better!)

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