Correct me if I am wrong, all these rooting, flashing, thingies

I feel like I am confused with all these terms:

  • Rooting the device is just elevating the default permissions to root level so you can do whatever you want, just any operation is under sudo privileges.
  • Recovery is a "something" that handles data wiping, installing low level packages (most likely custom roms), making backups, etc. Actually Recovery is a mode / app that user can operate without having Android installed on their phone. See TWRP or CWM.
  • Flashing - installing firmware thingies from low level mode (recovery / adb)
  • Bootloader is our OS picker, for Unix-like systems its usually GRUB, but in mobile devices it does not have a name I guess
  • Bootloader unlock / unlocked bootloader - I don't know nothing about that, except this is prerequisite to root the device
  • ROM Kernel - a Unix-like OS core, having scary versioning number like 123.456.777.888.12a-dev/rc
  • Stock ROM - a rom full of bloatware, we don't like stock roms
  • When we speak about rooting device, what is actually rooted? A bootloader? a rom? a kernel?
  • According to topic, the rooting method depends on used bootloader and kernel version - how does it come together? I don't think that bootloader depends on rom kernel version as bootloader will work without any OS.
  • A quote from the guide: "New official updates are scheduled to be released soon and the phone has to be unrooted for them to be installed." - but I am root and I want that update right now

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