[Q] question about how the app "superuser" works... (behind the scenes)


I have a question about how the "superuser"-app works behind the scenes.

As far as i know: The "superuser"-app can be used to grant root-permissions only to the programs, that I want. All other programs are still not running in root. Is this right?

If I'm right on that... Why does only the app super-user does have root after rooting the phone via e.g. the zergrush-exploit and other apps still not have root permissions although the phone has been rooted? Isn't there a security gap ?

In my point of view it could be possible, that any other app could take the root-rights just like the app "superuser" does it. If I'm not right, I don't get it, why only "superuser" gets root and all other apps can't get root unless "superuser" gives them root...

Isn't it a security gap? I just don't get it... how is this achieved?

Is it absolutely (or nearly absolutely) safe, that no other programs can get root-permissions when I use "superuser"? As I already said before, I'm really curious about, why or how this can be achieved and "guaranteed"...

Thanks in very much advance.

Kind regards

mr. salt

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