[Q] Does rooting void the insurance?

tl,dr: dropped my rooted phone- it's dead. It's insured, but will the fact that it's rooted be a problem? Also tmo has a larger deductible- any advice for me on that?

I rooted my T-Mobile G2x and installed CM7 (and of course CWM) about 6 months ago. I've had insurance on it since I got it in April. I just dropped it from about 3 feet (fell off of my lap as I was exiting a coupe) and cracked the screen pretty significantly. It does not power on off of the battery. When I plug it in, the LG logo pops up, stays for about 3 seconds, and then the screen goes blank- the notification lights flash on and off, and then the process repeats. If I try to go into the bootloader, I hold down power + volume down, and the LG logo stays on for longer (maybe 9 seconds or so) and then it ultimately repeats the whole cycle. Interestingly, if I just have the phone plugged in with no battery, it doesn't do anything. It's as if it was just on the battery, or as if I wasn't mashing the power button.

So I have 2 questions:
A) Is there any problem with making an insurance claim on a rooted phone? If so, are there any steps that I can take to fix that? Is there any way to power it up enough to unroot it? I'd also like to get some pictures and the like off of it.

B) The deductible for this particular phone is $130. To me, that seems kind of obscene, since the phone goes for 199 normally. With 8 months of insurance at 6 bucks per month, that's $48 in insurance. That, plus $130 = $178, almost as much as the phone is with a new contract. I actually got my G2x for free because we left AT&T to come to T-Mobile, so- in my head, anyway- I have a hard time paying more for the replacement than I do for the phone initially. Does anyone have any advice for me on this? Is this fee negotiable or anything? Can the $130 be offset by $48?
What really gets me is that the same phone: the Optimus 2X, has a replacement fee of $40! It's the same phone, except that it has the keyboard gestures that I was hoping would be in the G2x. There's no way to get one of those instead, right?

I'm on vacation right now, and so I won't be home for 3 more days- I'll take it into T-Mo then. But is there anything else that I can try in the meantime? I've tried booting into recovery, but that didn't work, and I can't think of anything else to try. I might just try to leave the battery out overnight. For some reason that sort of thing has worked for me in the past with other phones.

EDIT: Never mind- I got it turned back on! Apparently when I dropped it, somehow one of the contact points for the battery was compressed. With a pencil I pulled it back out and it works. Now I just have to make an insurance claim on the screen =D (Which, apparently, I can do without un-rooting)

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