[Q] HTC Incredible digitizer dead at board - Repurpose possible?

I was given an HTC Incredible the other day, and I quickly found out that the digitizer was non-functional, so I took it apart and found obvious liquid damage inside. Several areas of the board were crusted over with what I assume to be residue from the evaporated liquid. I remained hopeful that the only problem was a dead digitizer, but after carefully cleaning up the board, I noticed some scorched resistors near the digitizer's ribbon connector on the motherboard. On the off-chance that I misdiagnosed the cause of the dead touchscreen, I restored it to factory via recovery, but as I expected, still no go, of course.

It's frustrating, because the device is in beautiful shape in every other way. Screen looks great, not a single scratch on the phone itself, it boots into recovery perfectly as well as into Android.

I fully realize that I will never have this phone working as it was originally intended without swapping out the board, which I don't really plan on doing. I also have no interest in using this as a phone. I'd like to see this phone repurposed as a headless Linux box on my home WLAN. With its specs, it should be able to run Debian and Asterisk quite well (works great on my Seagate DockStar with 128MB RAM/700MHz ARM5-based SoC.) I just hate to see an otherwise perfectly good embedded computer go to waste because I can't enable debugging via the touchscreen.

Is it possible to use a breakout board attached to the microUSB connector to utilize any sort of external input so that I could jump into the phone and turn on debugging/root the device? Or would that require HID drivers to be installed on the device beforehand?

Another idea that I've considered is possibly reflashing it with a rooted ROM or maybe changing some settings on it via CDMA Workshop, I would still need to get into mode for that by pressing ##3424#, right? Argh. Is there another way?

Do either of these options sound viable? Any other suggestions? It should go without saying that I'm well aware that this could be a brick already, but it just seems as though there must be SOMETHING that can be done to at least give me rooted ADB access in the future.

Thanks in advance!

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