[Q] Best way to send a text message of ~3,300 characters in length?


I am looking to send a rather long text message of about 3,300 characters to a person who I can only reliably reach via text message at this time. I realize that SMS stands for Short Message Service, and 3,300 characters is by no means short, but please understand that if there was a better way to send this message to this person, I would choose that method instead. I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile, and the standard Messaging application allows me to type up to 2,000 characters for an SMS message. So, my first thought was to just break the message up into two segments of about 1,650 characters each and send them as two separate messages consecutively. This would be fine, however I realized something else. Messages over about 160 characters are broken up into multiple messages on some carriers, meaning that even if I broke my message up into two large segments of 1,650 characters each, it may still be broken up further into multiple smaller segments when sent to the recipient. As you could imagine, I would rather not have the recipient be inundated with 20 or so separate text messages at once, unless they would only receive one notification instead of 20 separate ones.

To give some background, my intended recipient has an iPhone, though I don't know what carrier they use (if that matters in how messages get broken up). One other possibility was to send two MMS messages of 1,650 characters each instead, but would that be split up into multiple 160-character fragments, as well? Also, even if MMS messages do not get split up like this, would my recipient be able to receive such a large MMS message (containing just text)?

Please feel free to suggest any solutions to this problem or any alternatives. I would e-mail this person, instead, but I have no idea how frequently they check their e-mails and I feel as though sending this over text message is the best way to quickly communicate this to them and ensure that they actually receive it. Thanks in advance for any help!

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