Odd text message...

I'm using cm9 alpha 4 on my epic 4g touch. I also use gosms for texting. The text i get is sent to gosms and messaging, so it doesn't seem to be a weird glitch with gosms.

As far as i can tell nothing in my phone happens when i get the texts, they seem to be random. So far i have gotten 3 and all have nothing for sender. No name or number. It just says " says:" where it would usually be "john doe says:" or "(123) 123-1234 says:"

As for what the text says?
It's this:

BMy*ÓÍ2óèƒ~d4eA~ݹycÓ‡b»ñiÙ•™ytAOÏ>™v®ASFžh4óA¿vÏ( 0*é—ŸEÀ

For my font i get a lot of boxes but in google it all just seems to be special characters.

Also searching for a similar issue its usually a blank text with an oddly long number or just a strange number. Can't find anyone with a similar problem.

Any ideas? It doesn't really hinder or annoy me since it's been about 3 texts in a month, but after the second and third, all with the same "message" i find it so odd.

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