[Q] Random power-downs in TriForceROM 3.0 on Samsung Galaxy s4

I would post this in the Developer forum, in reply to a poster who has the same problem, but I just registered and therefore do not meet the requirements to post there.

I'm wondering if anyone else has observed this behavior. In short, I installed TriForceROM 3.0 (after performing a "Wipe User Data" operation in TWRP and all was well for about 12 hours. During the ROM installation, I chose the "Standard" option, as I believe it's called. (I didn't elect to customize anything.)

After 12-18 hours of having the ROM installed, I noticed that my phone was simply powered-off. I hit the power button and nothing. Then I held-down the power button, which is how I normally power-on the device, and then realized that the device was, in fact, powered-off when I came back to it after a few hours of being in the other room.

After powering-on the device, the same thing happened a few hours later, and the issue seems to be occurring more and more frequently as time passes.

I have not changed any of the ROMs settings, and I haven't installed any type of third-party "tweaking" app.

Another individual has the same problem:

Could this be due to kernel, power, or CPU settings? I noticed that when I opened KTweaker for the first time, the application warned me:

"Your KThermal values do not match current, Apply values?"


"Your vibration Strength does not match current, Apply Vibration Strength value?" (this one seems unrelated)

The CPU temperature seems to hover around 45 degrees Celsius. (Is this a normal range?)

Another observation is that when I long-press the Home button (to bring-up the app-switcher), I see a little Android icon with the title "MIPErrorActivi...". If I click on it, I'm simply dumped to the Home Screen. I don't know if this is at all related.

Thoughts or suggestions, anyone?

My phone is model SPH-L720.

Thanks in advance!

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