Are there any virtual T9 numeric touchpad apps for Android phones?

Ideally someone would make a smartphone with a numeric touchpad for texting, but no one anywhere in the world makes this. I can't stand trying to text or post on a touch screen- taking 10 minutes and both hands just to end up with some garbled stream of characters with the grammar of a 3rd grader- but I am very good with a numeric touchpad using T9 predictive.

I found an app for windows phones that does an on-screen T9 touchpad, but is there any such app for Android?

I've been using an Android phone for internet only (using wifi where I can find it) and I still use an old flip-phone for calls and texts because it's WAAAAAY too frustrating to try and type on a small touchscreen keyboard, and tiny physical qwerty keys are only marginally better for me. I need a touchpad. Being able to text is so important to me that I've been willing to sacrifice decent mobile internet for years (can't afford a second data plan for the smart phone, and I shouldn't have to- some manufacturer somewhere ought to meet the needs of their consumers!)

I'd be willing to try an app because there's so much more room for error with only 12 virtual keys (0-9 plus * and #) Please if anyone's heard of such an app, I will go out and buy the phone that uses it so I can finally have the full use of a smartphone.

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