[Q] root a counterfeit phone

I just bought a counterfeit Xiaomi MI3 in a phone mall in Hong Kong and I'm wondering if there's someone out there that could help me dealing with it.
BI'd love to root it (or even flash) but I'm stuck, here's the problems:

  1. no recovery (at all) : I got android boot error image when I try to select it from the PowerButton+VolUp menu
  2. no flashing: various errors when trying to flash system or recovery from fastboot ("partition 'recovery' not suport flash" and when flashing system it prints "erasing system..." then nothing, I ^C after a long while and it booted fine )
  3. no answer from the fastboot oem commands (maybe this is ok )
  4. still no root , I tryed to do it by hand as seen on some web tutorial but the first step "adb remount" says I don't have permissions
    I also tryied the "root most qualcomm devices" but this did not work and shows some unreadable content (only chinese chars but not printed so it looked like a lot of squares)

So, what do I have ? Currently system works so far, so that I got adb and everything.
i also got a "factory mode" in chinese when pressing Power+VolDown, i've found some translation of it but it's not helping : there's nothing excepted components tests and some useless informations.
Actually I got no idea of what precisely the hardware is but i assume it's something close to an official MI3 because most specs match, actually I don't really know what's missing otherwise that I just mentionned.

Do you think this is a good idea to go deep in rooting and flashing or will I just brick it ?
Any suggestions are welcome
I could post photos or whatever needed.

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