How come I can manipulate my gionee E3 android battery level?

I noticed this recently,I have two batteries, one battery was at 70% battery level When I removed it from my phone and decided to charge the second battery to 100%,When it got to 96% a thought came to my mind,I decided to removed the second battery and inserted the battery with 70% level, guess What? My phone still reads it as 96% Which means I fooled my phone into believing It's 96% When It's actually 70% how is this possible?<br />
<br />
I decided to read some stuffs on the internet about battery level and batterystat.bin files,What I discovered was that batterystat.bin has Nothing to do with the battery level or battery life as opposed to the general belief. So What could be responsible for reading battery level in android phones,I came across another article that suggest that fuel gauge chip are hardware responsible for reading battery level But they noted that even this chip gave a rough estimate of the battery level through the voltage and sometimes current and Coulomb counting and that there is no way android could directly access information about the battery level from the inbuilt circuitry of the battery.<br />
<br />
So how does android OS determines the battery level? <br />
I guess It's not accurate considering the fact I was able to fool the OS. <br />
Please help a fellow brother with an answer.<br />
<br />
I would appreciate it,I have done my own research But It's not fully satisfactory. <br />
Please help.<br />
Thank you.<br/>

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