[Q] Android running on iPhone.

Few days ago, is saw a Youtube video of iPhone 5s running Android L.

I just can't seem to understand few things about apple os's.

Why are they able to run Android on their phones and not the other way around? I mean, i haven't seen any Android device running iOS.
Why do Apple laptops run other OS's perfectly? And yet, you don't see Mac OS running perfectly on other non Apple hardware.

First of all, let me make myself clear. I am not an Apple fan nor an Android fan, i'm a fan of technology in general.
So basically i don't like one more than the other. In fact i think that both devices and OS's are absolutely gorgeous.

So, let's get to the point of this story. To tell you the truth, i'm kinda pissed of here. Why? Because Apple is "forcing" you to buy one of their products just so you can have that iOS or that Mac OS, and yet their devices can run other OS's seamlessly.

I think people should be able to run iOS or Mac OS without investing 700$ and more on phones, custom built pc's or any other Mac product.
I also think that Apple would profit a bit more if they expanded their Mac OS to other platforms as well.

Windows can run on any PC/Laptop ,the same goes for Ubuntu. I just can't understand, why is Apple so selfish and greedy? I mean, not all people have that kind of money.

And lastly, i'm not being a hater here, it's just that i don't understand why does it have to be like that, it doesn't make any sense to me.

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