Hello everybody!

First I want to underline that I know that there is no any "best launcher", it is just a matter of taste.


De gustibus non est disputandum.

I am writing here, because I am tired... I am looking for a suitable launcher for me for a few months...
I have tried almost all launchers from google play and a lot from xda that are not on google play...

I should mention that my phone is now: Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and I am running currently Dirty Unicorns rom (4.4)

So... I am looking for launcher that is at the same time: stable, fast, light-weight, doesn't consume a lot of ram and is customisable...


1. launcher 3 - It is great, very fast, stable etc. but it can't be customized for example: I can't hide apps in app drawer (it is a must have option for me)

2. Launcher google now - Fantastic launcher, but not light-weight and the only way to customize it is to install a special xposed module... Also I had a few problems with this google's product - for example: when launcher 3 was installed, google launcher wasn't working properly and was always asking me to change him to default (but he was O.o)

3. APUS launcher - this one would be the best... But it has a lot of unnecessary add-ons which slows my phone down... Also I am not using defalut LCD density, but smaller one (200dpi) and with this density this launcher had a lot of problems -- cutting text, icons looked wired and were 'raged' I would say... That's why I had to resign of using it

4. Nova Launcher - good one, but not for me, I experienced bugs with widgets and it also made my phone slower (a lot of people can argue with this, but that's what I felt after using it)

5. Smart Launcher 2 - Just terrible, nothing more to say

6. Vire Launcher - A lot of customizations and the 3D transitions are great, but too heavy - slows my phone a lot

7. Inspire launcher - Problems with LCD density and almost all customizations are paid

8. Solo launcher - This one I am using now, is very stable, has a lot of customizations, the drain of battery and ram is not that big, but I have expereienced a few bugs - i.e. with transtitions in app drawer or with wallpaper, that's why I need to change it...

9. Go launcher EX - just NO

10. KK Launcher/S Launcher/Galaxy Launcher - Great, but makes my phone a lot slower

11. Swift Open - This launcher is one of the greatest, and has a lot of benefits, I love it, but the only thing is that it still is in beta stage and has some bugs and till the developers make it bug free I need sth else...

I am also saying no to those launchers:
-dodol Launcher
-Buzz Launcher
-ZERO Launcher
-EverythinMe Launcher

Well I checked more launchers, but there is no need to write more...

My question is, does anyone know a launcher suitable for me?
If yes then write here about it!

PS. I would make my own launcher, but I am beginner in programming, for now learning basics of c++, so pls don't say "Make your own launcher"

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