[Q] [HELP] My ZTE Z730 is corrupting files saved to the SD card (among other things)

Dear helpful peoples and fellow forum-goers,

I have a ZTE z730 and I'm in need of your assistance!

Okay, for starters, whenever i install an app (from the play store) and it can be moved to the SD card, it moves it there all by itself... the problem with that is, for some unknown reason, that app will not work! It won't even open and instead force closes every time... if i try to move the app back to the phone (as soon as it's installed), it won't let me... (this, however, did work at least once...)...

The other issue I'm having is that anything, (and i mean ANYTHING) that i download or try to save to the SD card, be it from the browser, an app or even just backing up the apk file from an installed app (i use SuperToolbox+) gets corrupted... I use the app Stumbler a lot and if i download a pic or a gif off of that a notification pops up in my status bar and if i tap on it immediately and view it with the gallery or ESFile Explorer's image viewer, it is fine but it corrupts it after a short period of time...

Another example of this is when I download a video from YouTube using TubeMate... the video will get downloaded but will become corrupt and/or deleted within, say, 5 minutes! It will say that the download has finished but when I go and try to find/view the file it isn't there! (And, yes, I'm 110% positive that I'm looking in the right folder!)

I have tried factory resetting my phone and also formatting the microSD (which is fairly new and a class 10) and that fixed the problem for a day or two... but then it went back to being all wonky again... I have also tried starting my phone in safe mode and then attempting to save some images and that seemed to fix the downloading problem but not the app problem... and I'm running out of ideas...

Can anybody shed some light on what's going on or how to fix it? I've tried searching (on here and with google) for every sort of search string combinations to try and find an answer or even someone else who's also having these problems, but came up with nada... (I'll give you a list of all of the various strings I've tried if anyone is interested.) and I'll try any (serious) feasible suggestion you might have! If you need any other info than what I've posted, just let me know!

Thanks in advance for any assistance you guys might have!

Model : ZTE z730
Carrier : Wal-Mart family mobile (T-Mobile)
Android version : 4.3
microSD card size : 32GB

Thanks again!

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