[Q] Question About Outsourcing Development For Android App

Hi Guys (please let me know if this post is in the wrong section, and I will move it),

I am sales/marketing professional that's been in the digital/mobile app space for a while. While I am fairly technically savvy for someone in my field (self taught HTML/CSS, websites, e-commerce sites, etc..), I lack skills in languages (java, C, etc) to build my own app. I also fear that given my own work schedule and time constraints, studying and learning on my own will not yield the level of expertise required to build an app to the specifications and quality that I have in mind.

As I had said, I know the app space quite well from a marketing, user acquisition, and monetization standpoint. I am assessing the costs associated with outsourcing the development of an android app for either either:

1) A utility/productivity app - well designed, built, possibly widget


2) Adventure app - bug free, 50 levels or so to start, skinnable levels

My question for you guys revolves around the feasibility of outsourcing development at a reasonable rate, expected quality, costs, time to develop, etc. I used to own a fairly successful e-commerce company on the side, and we used to outsource development but I got so sick of the lack of quality, high costs associated, and missed deadlines...that I spent 6 weeks full tilt learning to code and ended up redesigning and developing the entire site which worked out quite well in the end...but I don't believe that my innate skill sets will allow for me to learn the necessarily languages well enough for android.

So, questions for outsourcing dev:

1) What are my options - of course there's elance, freelancers of the world...and I know many game/dev studios personally...but I know they charge major premiums and typically work with clients with a much larger budget than mine?

2) For those options, what is a reasonable hourly rate, or fixed cost associated for development (I know how long it takes to do XYZ for web dev, but not with android...so I don't know how to gauge whether or not I'm being gamed/ripped off)?

3) Quality - what can I expect for the $$ investment?[/INDENT]
As well, any suggestions or referrals would be helpful as well...but I'm more looking for some guiding principles here.

Thanks for your help and time guys, I really appreciate it - also, again, if this post is in the wrong location...please let me know!



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