Forced Android updates - what are the logic and the legal situation?

tl;dr - Where is the "skip this update" checkbox on the firmware upgrade screen?

If I buy a PC or a laptop running Windows 8 and I decide I don't like Win 8 I can simply install Win 7, XP, Vista, even Linux and so on. Because it is my PC, that I payed money for and now own, I can put on it whatever I want. Neither Microsoft, nor the shop that sold me that PC will sneak in on me in order to download Win 8 on the hardware that I own and then constantly nag me to install it.
Also I can happily run Linux on the hardware that had Win 8 at the time of the purchase and if the hard drive fails - the warranty will still cover the repair.
Also installing a different Win version on a PC is quite straight-forward and can be accomplished by any average user.

During the years I was led to believe that Apple is the evil company that keeps full control over it's hardware and it's users.

However today I replaced the version of the Android OS on the Samsung phone I own and I payed money for in order to own, from Lollipop to Kit Kat - using Samsung's Odin and official Sammobile firmware. (I don't want to go into details how downgrading Windows on a PC compares to downgrading Android).
There was nothing on the "dark side" - only tool and software, created by the phone's manufacturer, were used.

In response the phone decided to start downloading the same Lollipop update again - without even asking me, and start insisting that I should install it.

I called my mobile provider on the phone to ask them how to tell the phone to stop. The support guy was obviously shocked and appalled by my question and simply said "We don't support downgrade". Case closed.
So I asked the same question on their forum. The answer was - root the phone.

Well - in order to change from one version of Android OS to another on my own phone I need to hack/crack it in a way that would void the warranty and if a hardware part breaks - completely unrelated to the software on the phone - I'll need to pay for the repair - unlike the hard drive in the example above.

Now, as I said before, I was led to believe that Android is the "do no evil OS" - a champion of freedom and free choice. How come it gets to decide what I should and should not have on a hardware I own and payed money in order to own?
And how is this even legally possible given Google is in a country where people shoot other people who trespass on properties they own and payed money to own?

In other words - Where is the "skip this update" checkbox on the firmware upgrade screen?

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