Soft Brick: Trying to adb without a functioning screen

Phones current state: soft brick?, boots into recovery automatically.

How I got there:

I have finally destroyed the screen on my GT-i9198 S4 mini by dropping it, digitizer is not working and the screen shows no sign of life. The only way i know it boots android is that the buttons light up and it vibrates for facebook messages.

My goal was to have adb debugging enabled so I could vnc into it to get some personal data. (although I can 'adb pull' it off but I would like to vnc just because I need to figure out what to do with the recovered files, and I don't know what I need in the first place, probably conversations on viber and sms)

I have the team win custom recovery and cyanogenmod 13 (Marshmallow) on it.

Adb functions in recovery and I modified the build.prop and default.prop as per "Enable usb debugging with adb" tutorials.

My problem was that default.prop got overwritten every time I boot android. So I extracted boot.img, split it using AIK (Android Image Kitchen) modified Default.prop in the ramdisk and repacked it. When it came to flashing the image, Fastboot did not work (stuck on waiting for available devices or something similar). Rather then figuring out if I could make it work I decided to try odin, but I could not find much on how to flash boot.img specifically(didn't have time to do proper research ether) so I converted it to a flashable file and did what I would usually do with cfw, hit ap and browse to the file and flash it. (screenshot on imgur RQ9f6gX.png)

Now the phone automatically boots into recovery and I can adb into it.

I didn't have time to figure out how odin works, and I can't really find any good explanations ether.
I guess my question is, what did I make odin do? Is it my uneducated use of odin that caused this or is the boot.img bad? Or did I just get this whole thing wrong with extracting the ramdisk and flashing it back? If someone could educate me that would

My next question would be, how would I put it back to a usable state without formatting personal data(e.g. viber messages)?

The way I got the boot.img maybe something that is wrong aswell, I will explain how I did that later, late for work D: !!

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