Help with Chinese Andriod Headunit

Hello experts, I really hope that you can help me with the follow:
I purchased a Chinese Android head-unit for my USA spec 2012 Lexus is250 and I am having the following (2) two issues:
The unit is Model Number: TZ-LS1020AD and it is running Android 6.0 Marshmellow, all-winner R16 Cortex A7 CPUX4 with 1G Ram and 16G Rom with 10.2" touchscreen

(Oops didn't realize I cannot post an outside link, sorry)

Please keep in mind before you continue reading: on the OEM Lexus Toyota radio the part that has the buttons for power/AM/FM/SAT, CD AUX seek/scan and the OEM Lexus Toyota display (it is not touch screen) for the radio stations are (2) two separate pieces of equipment. The part of the radio that has the buttons are at the bottom of the center console and the Radio display is all the way at the top of the center console and probably only 1" tall. The climate control display and buttons are a part of the radio display. That is why the aftermarket head unit choices are so limited for this particular vehicle.

1) The OEM radio (the button part) is linked to the Android unit for the Radio function. The Android interface is extremely nice and the Android touch screen works really well for all functions and is a really good upgrade for the vehicle. The Android interface does work in concert with the original radio (the button part) and its buttons for volume, seek/scan CD, Aux etc. and steering wheel control buttons to control the radio. It is all integrated very nicely. The issue is the Radio station showing on the Android touch screen is not the actual radio station that is playing through the speakers. Example: the Radio is tuned to 95.5 FM (showing on the Android touch screen) but 87.3 FM is actually playing through the speakers. The other problem with the radio is the scan/seek function only goes up to 97.6 FM then starts over somewhere in the 80.0 FM frequency it does not scan all the way to the 108 FM frequency (both touch screen and original radio scan/seek buttons do this).

2) The climate control in the car only shows Hi or Low it does not show the actual temperature that the unit is set at. All other functions of the climate control work as designed except this function. There are about 22 -23 "steps" (button pushes) between Hi and Low and the actual temperature of the air coming out of the vents does change. The issue is that the unit simply fails to show the actual temps between the Hi setting and the Lo setting.

I don't know if the issue is in the Canbus decoder or the applications. I did see on another forum someone provided a file to fix these same (2) two issues, however the fix was for a similar unit running WinCE, so I am hoping my issues are in the Android applications.

I used ES Explorer to try to find the application for the radio and the climate control but I was unable to find them.

I was able to change the application that the navigation uses and thought it would be just as easy to change the radio application and the climate control application but it was not.

I downloaded another radio application that scans through the entire US FM frequency but I cannot find where I can switch the interface for the radio, so I don't know if that will solve my issue.

I have not found another climate control application so I don’t know if/how that would work.

If I plug my OEM unit back into the car. The OEM Radio display and the Climate Control both function as designed by the manufacturer so I’m assuming the problems that I am experiencing are in the android applications.

I was able to find the passwords for the

extra settings: 123456
developer settings: 7890

I have e-mailed the seller but support appears to be waning. I would like to keep the unit as it is extremely nice but I need these (2) two most used applications to function properly.

Apologies for such a long first post but figured more information was better than less. Any help afforded would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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