Is there a specific cache location for music files and their tags?

Hi there. So, I have been having some trouble with MP3 tags that are not being updated properly in any music player I use on my phone, so I was wondering if there was a cache of these tags or general folder information saved in some central location that is causing the issue.

As an example, I have songs from an artist "X". At some point I got some songs by this artist that were tagged "The X", so I put the files onto my PC and used an MP3 tag editor to change them to "X". These changes are reflected fine on my PC, but when I put these new files on my phone, the music player still states the artist name as "The X". Even when I actually inspect the tags on my phone, they are correctly showing "X" as the artist, but in any music player I have tried, the songs are still classified as "The X".

I have already tried deleting the caches of each music player I have (Google Play Music, Pulsar Music Player, and Musicolet). Unforunately this didn't change solve the issue.

When I edit the tag to be something else, it updates fine in the music players, but when I change it back to "X", the apps show "The X", which leads me to believe there is some sort of cache they are reading from.

Other things I have tried:
Disconnecting from the internet to make sure it is not reading the tags from an online source.
Stripping tags off completely and re-adding them on the PC.

Does anyone have ANY idea what could be causing this? It's driving me crazy.

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